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Barcode Berlin POUCH BOXER Mijail
First impression... WOW! He is packing...

Barcode Berlin POUCH BOXER Mijail

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Boxers from Barcode Berlin are very sexy, but this stands out, literally.

You will immediately notice the extremely large pouch, which emphasizes manly parts very strongly. The material mix of these erotic boxers is unusual: colored bulge with gloss stripe, glossy side stripes and matt back. Your fat package is not hidden under your jeans or shorts. Too daring for you? The Boxer Mijail is tight and still very comfortable.

The wide elastic waistband with logo patch at the front ensures a secure fit. The sexy pouch does not squeeze anything, everything remains BIG. Your package has enough space to unfold. There is a zipper on the back - you opened it at lightning speed at the party. Grrrr.

The socks and the model, as always, are not included. Bitches, get your own man - and look into our socks section for the ones you like.

Designed by German pigs and made in Portugal, yea made with love and 90% Polyamide 10% Elastane.

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