Do you have a story that you want to tell our community? Something wet, something nasty, kinky,  hot, wild, or romantic? 
That can be your own story or a fictitious tale as long as you have written it.
We want to give you the space for it and an audience. 
Not only will we publish your story to our community of active pigs - we also might feature it in our Newsletter and on Social Media - get a PIG STAR AUTHOR!

And we also give you a bit of a "payment": with every story of your that we publish on our side, you will earn 50 PigBucks*

* Make sure you read our PigStar Author Terms before submitting your story! Simply use our contact us form to submit your stories. Select StarPig when it comes to choosing a Department. You can also transfer .txt or .doc files.
You can have your social media accounts tagged with your story, or we can publish it anonymous - its all up to you. After reading it we will contact you for everything else. 

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