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K9 Fun - Padded Latex Dog Mask - Puppy - Harness Set (5 pcs)
K9 Fun - Padded Latex Dog Mask - Puppy - Harness Set (5 pcs)

K9 Fun - Padded Latex Dog Mask - Puppy - Harness Set (5 pcs)

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This set comes with 5 pieces: our great neo puppy mask, 1 harness, 1 collar/neckless, 2 armband

Pig - let the dog out!   Role Play, Cosplay or just your everyday pup life these masks will be your comfy partner.

Our pup mask is made of neoprene, soft and elastic, no zippers or laces that can get dirty.

The muzzle is detachable, so you can chew on a bone or drink water. Two nostrils - the holes on both sides allow you to breathe freely, the cute ears are freely moldable, to make the puppy even more adorable.

Easy to clean with just a little bit of dishwashing soap. Piss and cum friendly!

Mask Size
 head circumference Chin Over Crown
medium-size puppy mask 22 - 23 in / 56 - 58.5 cm 26 in / 66 cm
large-size puppy mask  23 - 24 in / 58.5 - 61 cm 27 in / 68.5 cm

Chest strap size (chest strap always comes in same size as mask) 
medium 38-40in/96.52-101.6cm
large 44-46in/111.76-116.84cm

Collar size (for all)13-18 inches

We ventilated every mask for a couple of days, but the hoods may still have a little smell as they are made of latex and packed right after they have been produced. Simply put them in the open air when they arrive and a few days later smell will disappear!

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