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Be our PIG STAR Author

Posted by The Farmer on 8/17/2020 to News
Do you have a story that you want to tell our community? Something wet, something nasty, kinky,  hot, wild, or romantic? 
That can be your own story or a fictitious tale as long as you have written it.

Sniff that: our Power Bottom Bundle Nr. 1

Posted by The Farmer on 4/27/2020 to News

Hi, sexy bois out there. 

With social distancing still in order to keep us all safe, we have some time to think and create ”new” products. 

Based on your feedback we made a ridiculous cheap bundle with two bottles of Double Scorpio Gold PLUS a jockstrap that can hold the VHS Cleaner bottle!

With this bundle, you get a bottle off VHS Cleaner for ridiculously $20 per bottle,  just check it out. 

The lubes that changes the way you play!

Posted by Head farmer on 9/20/2019 to News
Or we can even say we revolution the way you fuck!

Welcome to the online farm

Posted by The Farmer on 9/1/2019 to News
Welcome to the online farm
Welcome to our online farmhouse!

If you have any questions about this farm or the products found within, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time. 

Besides our name giving PigLoad Lube, we have selected a handful of items that will bring more fun and excitement to your pig life. Then let's face it everyone will be a pig - we love to encourage you to do so. 
We have some pretty basic items, some fun products, and as well very serious stuff. So go ahead and discover. We will introduce from time to time more items, and we are eager to hear your opinion on what to add.

Our team is always ready and willing to assist our customers, and we are happy for your visit.
Oh and one more thing, our pighead logo was designed by Ashish Kumar an amazing gay artist with Indian roots. He brought our idea to life. 

In endless hours, some good food and a couple of drinks in hot bars later this astonishing art was our logo and we are so happy, please go ahead look at the other arts Ashish has done and give him some love! Check him and his art out at www.instagram.com/axeishguy
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