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PigWear Brian '21 - Wrestling / Singlet / Union Suit /  One Piece / Jumpsuit / Leotard
Red with black front

PigWear Brian '21 - Wrestling / Singlet / Union Suit / One Piece / Jumpsuit / Leotard

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Simply put a onesie is a one-piece garment. It is a jumpsuit that was originally marketed as thermal pajamas for adults and as casual clothing.

The idea for such a particularly comfortable piece of clothing originated in Scandinavia from the Norwegian clothing company Onepiece.

The PigWear Brian '21 give you just a bit of fabric to be able to walk around without being naked but at the same time give you quick access to the important parts.

The soft and elastic material of this onesie highlights the important parts of your body and simply highlights your sexy belly or six-pack.

You can easily undress your upper body or completely and very quickly.

Brian '21 wears great under your everyday clothing. That makes it easy to stay piggy - a reason why we choose to have it for you!

Brian '21 is something that can come with you to the club, or to very much all occasions. With Brian '21 you are always just a snap away from being ready and naked for action.

Made with 80% Polyamid 20% Elasine

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