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Silver Bear Top Necklace with Cleaner Bottle by Ryan Cummings - (bottle is empty)
comes with the lanyard, one empty 10m bottle and the bear top

Silver Bear Top Necklace with Cleaner Bottle by Ryan Cummings - (bottle is empty)

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We know you hate searching for your Lube - that is why you love our PigLoad Lube Companion bottle. 

But if you also want your p*ppers / VHS Cleaner near you and if you’re looking for a statement piece - then we have a hot option for you as well.

No longer searching in dark rooms, in bed or holding it in your hand while you bend over at HorseMarket or other events. This little bottle top comes with a necklace to have your p*ppers around your neck together with your lube.

Handmade in Canada by international cumdump sensation Ryan Cummings, we bring it right to your door and that means shipping is included. It will come in a discreet box. Fits small 10ml bottles and the common large 30ml bottles that have the small cap size. Comes with ONE top, an empty 10 ml bottle (so you can use whatever cleaner you want to use), 30” of leather necklace that you tie to your desired length. The threads are cast into the pendant for long life. If the seal eventually wears out, you just change it with one from a new bottle. THEY DO NOT COME WITH POPPERS but we have plenty of our recommended DoubScorpio Lube in stock - which also includes shipping. These are handmade by Ryan using USA lead free pewter with 2% silver that exceeds ASTM F2923–11 standard for toxic metals. As always sniff responsible.

  • Necklace length: 30 Inches; Pendant height: 28 Millimeters; Pendant width: 24 Millimeters
  • Materials: Pewter

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