Hi, sexy bois out there. 

With social distancing still in order to keep us all safe, we have some time to think and create ”new” products. 

Based on your feedback we made a ridiculous cheap bundle with two bottles of Double Scorpio Gold PLUS a jockstrap that can hold the VHS Cleaner bottle!

With this bundle, you get a bottle of VHS Cleaner for a ridiculously $20 per bottle,  just check it out. 

We are 100% gay owned and operated and yeah we always need new customers especially right now. Stay healthy!

To get the special bundle price it is as easy as one: choose your size of jock, two: check "Yes, I want two Bottles" and three... well you got the price already! Simple, right? 

And believe me, the Jockstrap is made of a very fine cotton/bamboo blend that you will love to the touch!

Hey, when this all is over, you are ready for all the parties, get our Lube Botte Companion, and this PowerBottom bundle and you are ready for it all!


Robert Delay

Date 9/23/2023


Date 9/27/2023

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