Can it be? 

Almost every town has canceled their gay pride for a good reason: the health of everyone, the health of a single one, the public health. 

But now when we look at the street we see people fighting for their rights (again). 

Don't get me wrong, this pig is nowhere saying that we have achieved enough to stop being proud of who we are and to fight peacefully for our LGBTQ* rights. 

But it is shocking to see what is going on in the streets right now. Again the forces that should serve and protect us - all humans - are hard to be trusted these days when we see all the video evidence that hurt so many people or even killed as it did in the case of George Floyd. Just like the black cat riots in LA 1967 leading to Stonewall two years later in 1969 that finally spark the beginning of awareness and worldwide pride month every year since. 

Jump back to 2020: People are on the street again, protesting for humans and against police brutality, even when they should stay at home for their safety and the safety of others, it's sarcastic, terrible and some feel almost not able to do anything.

But we as the gay community know how important it is to stay up for rights, especially when elected ”leader” threatening our small archived ”victories”. 

We have to be aware that especially these days not everything that we see is what it looks like. 

Be informed, be educated, support humans of all colors, gender and sex, and their rights, stay safe, healthy. Make your self heard, don't look the other way, say something - but protect yourself. 

It is important that we stand with humans that are fighting for their rights today as we have done the last 50 years and will until we achieve whats necessary.

Expect of yourself not less than you expect from others and we all have the chance to end this institutionalized racism and hate.

If you are going out on the street make sure you and others stay safe, try to de-escalate. 

Always let other people and friends know where you are going and even let them track your GPS on your phone ("find friends" on your iPhone or similar apps on other systems), let them also know when you are home. 

It breaks my hard to even have to think that we need to go into protests that might not end peacefully like our Pride would have been. 

I'll hope you will be safe out there and this pride month we not only fighting for gay and LGBT rights but black and all human rights and lives!

Stay Piggy!

The Farmer


D. Coats

Date 8/24/2020

The Farmer

Date 8/24/2020

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