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Chad Holmes

Date 12/17/2019

Who doesn't? I mean fuck me, fill me up, share me, repeat and make me into a used and abused slut! Please??

Rej Leatherman

Date 2/11/2020

I quite agree. Things became somewhat easier once I started exploring, accepting and even embracing my unconventional sexual side. In other words, NOT just letting a society that made up its rules without me in mind. Why should they be all of a sudden correct? And, why about this? They lied. Or at least misled.

The Farmer / PigLoad

Date 2/11/2020 12:28:30 PM

Yes Rej, we understand totally. I mean the society isn't about to lie about it in general it was and is about their norms. And they - and that includes us - break them to be better! So happy that you are able to find your true self - go on with it!

Michael Garrity

Date 8/16/2020

I am 52yo, and although I view all gay sexual activity that is consensual as being equal, since 80 or so % of gays into "not uninhibited / not edgy" activities (which doesn't mean they are boring or not fun), the peer pressure to conform to the mainstream keeps many gays from trying out more extreme activities just to find out whether they might enjoy any of them. Which is a shame. Because if one never tries, one never knows. In another post I can mention late friend of mine who for a few years hosted group play at his home about 2 weekends a month, and saw that a number of young guys had profiles stating they didn't play with certain types of guys and were not into certain activities. Did they know this by having tried sex with those rejected ethnicities? Did they experience the acts they didn't like at least once? No. They were guessing who they wouldn't like and what they wouldn't like, but they refused to see their decisions as a guess but as certainty. No need to try, they said, since if I tried I know that I wouldn't like it or him. When my friend got them to try for the first time what they never experienced, pattern emerged. 2/3 of their no list was correct. They didn't enjoy or get turned on by. But 1/3 they were wrong. 1/3 of things on their no list they now happily going forward would include in their sex life for rest of their lives, which as avg age of 22yo, meant next 60+ years. And most of these guys had a no list of 9+ things, which means they added 3+ things to their sex life that they believed were unnecessary turn offs. Society's majority view, including gay society's majority view, is that practices are not equal so that fetish play by the minority is inferior play than the middle road play of the majority. I was 35yo before I went bb and experimented with many uninhibited practices for first time, and I should have started experimenting by no later than 23yo. I like 3/4 of uninhibited play, including rough play being one. I too was not immune to the social pressure, but I luckily met guys who became friends who "snapped me out of it". Happy they opened my eyes to the potential that trying brings.

The Farmer / PigLoad

Date 8/24/2020 8:09:48 PM

Michael, yes sex is never a question of age, just about self-conscience! So be a dog, be a pig, be a bottom, a top, a dom or a sub, a stallion or a mare. But be your fucking self! And be proud about it!

Michael Garrity

Date 8/16/2020

Couple months ago was driving behind SUV with sticker in rear windshield. "If you are going to ride my ass, you had better pull my hair. " Best car statement EVER.

The Farmer / PigLoad

Date 8/24/2020 8:10:47 PM

Haha, ill see. Well, we have some cool car stickers in our shop as well! Just look under the category "Car Fun"

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