Sniff that: our Power Bottom Bundle Nr. 1

Hi, sexy bois out there. 

With social distancing still in order to keep us all safe, we have some time to think and create ”new” products. 

Based on your feedback we made a ridiculous cheap bundle with two bottles of Double Scorpio Gold PLUS a jockstrap that can hold the VHS Cleaner bottle!

With this bundle, you get a bottle off VHS Cleaner for ridiculously $20 per bottle,  just check it out. 

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2.5 liter canister are now back in stock

We have been surprised by how much you love big sizes... GURRRL we heard you and our 2.5 l canister is back in stock.
Freshly filled with PigLoad Lube when you order - that's right! 

Since our PigLoad Lube is made here in the USA and our bottles and canister are from overseas we fill it fresh, so you will always get the freshest, slippery lube directly from us!

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